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Some facts regarding imports in India


Since last 3 Decades the overall International Trade has expanded about 3000% from 600 Million US $ to 250 Trillion , as of year 2012.

This quantum jump as indicated has been seen in different segment of products as well as market; From luxury goods to industrial raw material, capital goods, export processing and obligatory crude energy like petroleum, diesel, gas. From high society consumer segment to middle society to lower society consumer, as it leads to market demand which is complimentary to each other for all the economies and transformed the whole world into a global village.

Since last decade the market has become consumer oriented. Taste and behavior have totally changed, now consumerism has created the need of commodities with technological innovation in thousands of varieties. Hence,multinational brands felt the need to capture the global markets with full protection of their Products, Copyrights, Trademarks, and Patents.

Following is the percentages of commodities imported into India as a whole:-

Raw material & intermediate goods


export related commodities


manufactured goods


capital goods


food & agro goods


other commodities




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